Random Thoughts: Too much is never enough…or is it just too much?

Is there such a thing as reading too many books?

This reader’s personal take…

As a reader and reviewer my goal for 2011 is to up my TBR’s to 150 (from my previous max of 125 per year). But with all the new and lovely books coming out in 2011, I already have at least 50 pre-orders at the ready to download, and my list on Goodreads of TBR’s is somewhere around 200. And…(sigh)…it’s not even January!

Almost always, when reading, I find myself inevitably connecting with and loving the book. Each book becomes my new favorite, and all of the author’s books become must reads. (This is great when it’s a brand new author, not so great when it’s an author with at least 10 books already published and I’ve only read the one.)

It’s rare for me to actually start a book and never finish – to find myself disliking it so much that I can’t find something of merit in its pages to compel me to read it to the very end. And I typically get so caught up in the story and fall in love, each and every time, with the new and wonderful characters. An author’s imagination is an amazing thing. How can there not be something to like? Thus extending my number of reads and limiting my time to read.

Another large group of books in my TBR’s stems from the “series” craze. While it is a dream come true it can also be tortuous. The ability to follow these characters over and over as they find new adventures is a reading experience that can’t be beat, but then you are left hanging until the next book. As each new book in the series readies for release, I am at the edge of my seat, along with every other fan, just for the opportunity to pop back into those characters lives and see what they’ve been up to in the past six months to a year since I last “knew” them. And when a series finally meets its end, I am that much more devastated. But, these books in a series add at least a trilogy worth of books to that ever-growing TBR list.

Sadly, though, does quantity of reading sacrifice quality of reading? I’m not sure. I delve in so deeply that I feel like I could never forget one single moment on one single page for the rest of forever. But as the list of “read” books grows I find myself starting to forget character names. Name of book – never forget. Author – nope. Storyline – rarely. But sometimes when passing on my love of a book and making those book suggestions I find that the actual names of the characters slip my mind.

Could it be similarity of names in books? Not likely. A common name is more likely to be remembered. I find myself drawing a complete BLANK at times. So, it must be the quantity of books I’m reading. It couldn’t be old age after all…I’m not THAT old yet… And if the most important parts of the story remain in memory I don’t think the quality of the read is tossed asunder. It’s not like I’m one to speed read or skim. (I don’t even know how to use crib notes!)

So, what do I think? At least for me…for now…too much is never too much. And in my manic attempt to keep up with all of this, I am going to sacrifice sleep. After all, how could I miss out on getting to meet any new character that is worthy of getting to know?

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