Review: Falling from Grace

Falling from Grace by S.L. Naeole was published in November 2009 as an eBook and in June 2010 as a paperback. Falling from Grace is the first book in the Grace series by author S.L. Naeole. The fourth book in the series, Grace of Day is due out this month.

Grace Shelley is an outcast. Having lost her mother to a car crash as a child, one she managed to escape without a single scratch, made her an oddity to her peers and neighbors. Through this she’s always had her best friend Graham Hasselbeck at her side. Graham who is handsome and popular and who would defend her against their cruelty.

But Grace committed the ultimate friendship “no no” and revealed her hidden love for Graham. Right before the beginning of senior year. Now she’s left to face her final year of high school completely and utterly friendless. That is until she meets Robert.

Robert is immediately drawn to Grace. He notices something in her that no one else has before. Something that allows her to let down her defenses not only with him but with her family and with a new friend. Something no one else has ever been able to do. No human anyway.

Robert is an angel. While his friendship is all that is saving Grace, his beauty not only begets jealousy but also danger. Befriending an angel may be more than Grace ever bargained for. And falling in love with one could cost her her life.

Falling from Grace was simply wonderful. A suggested read by Amazon due to the genre of books typically purchased, it was such a surprise to find a self-published book that hit all the notes, and then some, of the fully vetted and marketed novels being published.

Grace is such a sympathetic character – a young girl grieving the loss of her mother, the loss of a best friend, her father’s new relationship and being a misfit in school and in life. And the author has created a friendship, and more, between her two main characters that is tender and heartwarming and devastating and heartbreaking. This angel-themed story has definitely creative and distinct ideas and a storyline that is intelligent and magical.

While Falling from Grace and the next books in the series, Bird Song and Black Halo, are not short in length, they are all very quick reads with each book getting just a little bit darker and more tragic as the story of Grace and Robert continues, culminating in Black Halo with an absolutely heart-rending scene.

Reviewer gives this book [rating=5]

Grace of Day should be out for release this month.

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