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This post is not meant to act as an advertisement for and I am certainly not their spokesperson, but as it is my primary source for online book purchases (due to Kindle ownership) it is Amazon that gets the mention, versus Barnes & Noble, Apple, or other online bookseller. (Although I buy books from each of these types of sellers, too.)

As a voracious reader, I have to thank Amazon for their recommended reads. As there are so many authors and so many books out there, and so little time to peruse, Amazon’s recommended reading – based upon some odd formula of what I had previously purchased – has allowed me to discover new authors that I might never have come across before. And, almost all of the recommendations have been spot-on. There have been maybe two, of the at least 50 recommendations I’ve chosen this past year, that have caused me to shout, “Why? Why, Amazon? Why have you let me down in this way?”

There have been times where I’ve tried to ignore these recommendations – just trying to tackle the ever-growing list of authors I must follow, books I have purchased and are yet to read, books I’ve downloaded and are in my cue, et cetera – but after awhile I cave. After all, if Amazon thinks I’d like them, I must … right? But of course!

And so, thank you to Amazon for introducing me to a few authors I might never have come across, being a fairly new follower of Young Adult fiction. Some of these authors are: S.L. Naeole, author of the Grace Series; Jennifer Laurens, author of the Heavenly series; Abra Ebner, author of the Feather book series; Kelly Creagh, author of Nevermore; Kirsten Miller, author of The Eternal Ones; Amanda Hocking, author of the My Blood Approves series; Sarah Rees Brennan, author of The Demon’s Lexicon trilogy; Alyxandra Harvey, author of the Drake chronicles; and Lesley Livingston, author of the Wondrous Strange series. I could go on, but I shall digress.

Even though each recommendation gets Amazon a few more dollars (and perhaps a few less dollars for the poor Indie bookseller) to stuff in their pockets, without these recommendations I might never have found these authors, never have supported them by buying their books, and never have been introduced into the wonderful, exciting, dark, disturbing, heartbreaking, gripping, or terrifying worlds they have created.

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