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If you’d like to participate in the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge here on Fiktshun, you can sign up HERE.

All details can be found in the signup post, just click the link or badge above to find out more.

If you are creating a PARTICIPATION POST on your blog, leave the link to THAT POST ONLY in the linky at the bottom of the page.


The Basics

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To READ (or RE-READ) and REVIEW (or POST ABOUT) all five Soul Screamers novels by Rachel Vincent from January 15-June 14, 2012.


1. Sign Up in the original post HERE.

2. Create a participation post (optional) and leave your link BELOW.

3. Stop back each month and leave your links to any reads/reviews in the monthly Soul Screamers Challenge post for that month only.

4. Grab a challenge button from the sidebar! (Not required).




The Incentives…

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1. Before I Wake pre-order giveaway.  For every 10 people who sign up and actively participate in this challenge (at least one book must be read and reviewed) there will be one copy of Before I Wake up for giveaway.

2. Rachel Vincent book of your choice. At the end of each month, two winners will be selected from those who left their links for a Rachel Vincent book of your choice.

3. Creating a participation post and leaving the link below, will give you an entry into a giveaway at the end of the challenge for either a $50 Amazon or Barnes & Noble giftcard or $50 in books of your choice from Amazon or The Book Depository.

4. Reading and reviewing each book during the corresponding month of the challenge will get you an extra entry into the BIW giveaway.

5. Reading and reviewing one of the Extra Credit Reads will give you an additional entry into the Before I Wake giveaway.

New incentives may be added as the challenge progresses….

UPDATE: As of 1/6/12 at various stages of the challenge there will be giveaways for SIGNED copies of My Soul to Keep, My Soul to Steal and If I Die, as well as T-Shirts and something really special that will be revealed later in the event.

Thanks to the amazing author for donating quite a few of these awesome prizes and for signing all of the rest!



I’ve created a couple badges for your posts (or sidebars) which you can copy below.

If you’d prefer to link it back to the signup post and don’t know how to add the code, then just use the grab code from the button in the sidebar.

The Post Badge

The Participant Badge

 Any challenge updates will be made on this page, so feel free to check back!

In the meantime, if you’ve created a Participation Post, add your link below, and that will be your entry into the giveaway at the end of this challenge.

Good luck and happy reading… or re-reading!



Participation Post links…

39 Responses to “SSRC”

  1. Carrie Fort says:

    I am on goodreads and am new to all of this can I write my reviews there? If so i don’t know how to put my “link” in. Yes, I am very computer DUH, PLEASE HELP! I love Rachel Vincent and would love to do this. Can I put my reviews under what book are you reading now bookshelf?? Thanks!

    • Fiktshun009 says:

      Hi Carrie! Yes, you can write your reviews under each book on your Goodreads account. To sign up, on the sign up post put the link to your Goodreads Profile. So when you sign on to Goodreads, you would click your image to view your profile and that link in the address bar would be what you put in the Sign Up linky.

      If you create a shelf called “Soul Screamers Reading Challenge” on Goodreads, you can review each book and we can check your profile links to that shelf each month as you add them.

  2. Maggie K says:

    I read the Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series a while back. I enjoyed them very much. I am looking forward to reading them again. Some book series are worth reading them twice!

  3. Kiara says:

    Just wondering cuz everytime i come back to this page i get a little more confused

    i have already read My Soul to Lose and am currently reading My Soul to Take

    last week when i finished My Soul to Lose i got back onthis page and there was a space to put your link for the review, that each person wrote so i put my link to My Soul to Lose on it

    But now im not sure where to put my link for when i finish My Soul to Take?
    or would it be easier if i create a shelf called Soul Screamers Reading Challenge?

    Also wondering whether cuz im in the challenge should i also do one of those participation posts? I dont know whether it would matter anyway cuz i dont have any friends on my goodreads account but i was just wondering if it was a thing that you should do if you are participating?

    • Fiktshun009 says:

      Hi Kiara,

      No, the links on this page are ONLY for participation posts. If you’ve posted that link here it won’t count. In the sidebar on the right there is a textbox that says “All things SSRC” and your links for any reviews between January 15 and February 14 should be under the post with the link title MONTH ONE REVIEWS.

      If you haven’t signed up, that should be under SIGN UP.

      You can put two links in the MONTH ONE linky, but you have to link to the actual review, not just your Goodreads profile so it won’t be seen as a duplicate.

      You can create the shelf to prove you’ve read certain books, but for the giveaways you have to have a link in the linky box beneath each month’s post to be considered for those giveaways. It’s the entry number in the linky that will be the number used for Random.

      If you want to do a participation post, you could do that on your Goodreads. If you take a look at what the linky for Poppy @ Goodreads did, that would work. You create a status update on your Goodreads to write a brief paragraph stating you are participating and any thoughts/ideas you want about the challenge. Then you would link to that status update in the above linky.

      But any/all reviews should be on the monthly posts each month. There will be a post on February 15th in which you will link any reviews between then and March 14. I’ll leave that link in the sidebar next month.

      I hope this helps!

  4. Kiara says:

    Hi im the same person as the comment before this

    i filled out my url wrong

    also umm i do really wanto do a participation post but i dont know how

    as i think i told you i am on goodreads and i just dont know how to do a participation post could you help??

  5. Nikki says:

    so….basically we post a review for each book? do you have to do one each month? Is that what you mean? Because I am so confused…

    • Fiktshun009 says:

      Every month on the 15th I create a post where you can put a link to any reviews you’ve written during that month.

      You can read as many or as few of the books as you’d like and can read them at any time during the challenge. But to get extra entries into the end of challenge giveaways you will must post your reviews for each book during the scheduled month. And also to get entries into each monthly giveaway.

      So this month’s challenge is to read My Soul to Take. If you post a review for this book during the month -January 15 to February 14 – and add your link to that month’s challenge post you get an entry into this month’s giveaway.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you’d like me to email you!

  6. Nikki says:

    Never mind. Got it!

  7. Kellyd21 says:

    I just started reading the Soul Screamers series last Thursday and today I am very sad that i had to finish the last book in the series I wish June was just a little bit closer 🙁

  8. Kellyd21 says:

    I just found out about the challenges so can I just post all of my reviews on here???

    • Fiktshun009 says:

      Hi Kelly,

      There are links in the sidebar. First you would sign up in the “sign up” post. Just leave your details in the Linky list.

      Then you would leave any links to posts you write/reviews you create in the link for the month of the challenge that you write them. So, if you write all your reviews and post them this month (Between March 15 and April 14) you would post them individually in the Linky list for the MONTH THREE date.

      If you only post the earlier reviews and this month’s challenge book in that list and wait to review the later books, you can post those later reviews in the next couple of months of the challenge (April 15-May 14 and May 15-June 14.)

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  9. I think I signed up for this at the beginning, I’ve had a lot going on lately and have lost track of everything. Is it too late to post links? Would I need to sign up again cause I haven’t done anything as of yet?

  10. Fiktshun009 says:

    #51 Tyawna, you have gotten credit for the MSTTake reivew in Month Two, but it’s not a participation post, so doesn’t count toward this giveaway.

  11. Fiktshun009 says:

    #54 Kat – the link doesn’t go to a post that I can confirm for the challenge giveaway. If you leave a comment with a link to a participation post, I can include it here.

  12. Fiktshun009 says:

    I am adding to this list, Alaiel @ Librarian Mouse who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  13. Fiktshun009 says:

    I am adding to this list Ina of Smiling Ina’s Little corner who created a participation post but didn’t link it!


  14. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Anna @ Literary Exploration who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  15. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Psique @ Book Travels who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  16. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Michelle @ Book Briefs who created a link to a challenge participation page but linked it on the signups page:


  17. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Lucy @ Moonlight Gleam who created a link to a challenge participation page but linked it on the signups page:


  18. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Amanda Pearl @ Pearl the Book girl who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  19. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding A World of Words who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  20. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Poisoned Rationality who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  21. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Jenn @ I Read Good who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  22. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Cassandra @ Wickedly Delicious Tales who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page. Though I’m not sure how it could have posted on Friday December 30…


  23. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Gwyneth at Rants-N-Scribbles who created a challenge page but linked it on the signups page.


  24. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Megan @ Between the Lines who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  25. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Joie de Livre who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  26. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Patricia @ BookExhibitionism who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  27. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Jess @ Books and Sensibility who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  28. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding The Macaroni Magpie who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  29. Fiktshun009 says:

    Adding Lis @ The Reader Lines a.k.a. Nox-Invicturs who created a participation post but linked it on the signups page.


  30. Lis Carcamo says:

    Oh DAMN IT!!!!! I didn’t see this post before!!! I can’t believe I lost this chance! :'(
    Ugh! kick me!

    • Lis Carcamo says:

      Damn it, again. I’m a stupid! I didn’t read above….

      • Fiktshun009 says:

        Oh Lis, if you looked at my comments above you will see I did add you to the list of participants that were run through Random. If that is you in the comments above, then you linked it on the wrong page, but I gave you credit.

        Unfortunately Random did not choose you 🙁 but I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to win something in the MONTH FIVE or END OF CHALLENGE giveaways!

    • Fiktshun009 says:

      Oh no! So sorry! 🙁

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