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Top 10 of 2016 {Reminder}

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to post a reminder that the Top 10 of 2016 starts on Monday, December 26th!  If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time. You can sign up by CLICKING HERE.

If you’ve already signed up, there are still a few days left to get your posts ready. So that you don’t have to check the original post, here’s the schedule of posts and dates.

The Schedule

Monday, December 26th

  • Best Books I’ve Read in 2016 (Doesn’t have to be released in 2016, just a book you’ve read in 2016)

Tuesday, December 27th

  • Best Book Covers of 2016 (MUST be a book released in 2016. Would be best if it’s a book you’ve READ in 2016, but it’s not required)

Wednesday, December 28th

  • Best ________ of 2016 (Reader’s/Blogger’s choice. Please fill in the blank with ONE of these topics – Villains, Contemporaries, Dual POV’s, Novellas, Adult titles, New Adult titles, Love Triangles, Couples, Bad Boys or Debuts. REMEMBER: this list MUST be from books you’ve READ in 2016)

Thursday, December 29th

  • Best Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends of 2016 (MUST be from a book released in 2016 and from a book you’ve READ in 2016)

Friday, December 30th

  • Top 10 Books I’m looking forward to in 2017. (This list should be comprised ONLY of books releasing in 2017)

How you do these posts/lists is totally up to you. What books, covers and characters you pick are all your own.

The only rule to follow is posting the topics on the dates we’ve provided.

All the other rules can be found in the sign-up post HERE.

I hope everyone has an awesome time participating in the Top 10 of 2016 and I can’t wait to check out your posts next week.

PASSENGER Blog Tour: Interview with Alexandra Bracken + Giveaway


I’m not sure which I’m more excited about – that PASSENGER releases in just one week or that I’m today’s stop on the tour and have an awesome interview with Author Alexandra Bracken to share. Luckily I don’t have to choose.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to add PASSENGER to your TBR pile, to your bookish pre-orders, to your “most wanted” book list, now’s the time. This book is EPIC and AMAZING and so, so, so very AWESOME. And it’s totally a must read now kind of book if you love traveling through time and embarking upon incredible journeys with characters you adore.

Of course, if you haven’t yet had the chance to read the description for PASSENGER, it follows below.

And if you’d like to know how Alexandra Bracken describes PASSENGER, or find out what her most favorite part of and most challenging aspect to writing this gorgeous and riveting book were, or get a tiny teaser of what can be expected in the sequel, and more, be sure to check out the Q&A, which follows just after the book trailer.

There is also a tour-wide giveaway for a few copies of PASSENGER. Just enter in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win.



Add to Goodreads

Title & Series: PASSENGER (Passenger #1)
Author: Alexandra Bracken
Release date: January 5, 2016
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Pages: 496
Formats: Hardcover, audio, eBook


passage, n.
i. A brief section of music composed of a series of notes and flourishes.
ii. A journey by water; a voyage.
iii. The transition from one place to another, across space and time.

In one devastating night, violin prodigy Etta Spencer loses everything she knows and loves. Thrust into an unfamiliar world by a stranger with a dangerous agenda, Etta is certain of only one thing: she has traveled not just miles but years from home. And she’s inherited a legacy she knows nothing about from a family whose existence she’s never heard of. Until now.

Nicholas Carter is content with his life at sea, free from the Ironwoods—a powerful family in the colonies—and the servitude he’s known at their hands. But with the arrival of an unusual passenger on his ship comes the insistent pull of the past that he can’t escape and the family that won’t let him go so easily. Now the Ironwoods are searching for a stolen object of untold value, one they believe only Etta, Nicholas’ passenger, can find. In order to protect her, he must ensure she brings it back to them— whether she wants to or not.

Together, Etta and Nicholas embark on a perilous journey across centuries and continents, piecing together clues left behind by the traveler who will do anything to keep the object out of the Ironwoods’ grasp. But as they get closer to the truth of their search, and the deadly game the Ironwoods are playing, treacherous forces threaten to separate Etta not only from Nicholas but from her path home . . . forever.


The Book Trailer

The Interview

Q&A with Alexandra Bracken

Q. How would you describe PASSENGER in 25 words or less?

A time travel treasure hunt that spans centuries and continents! Also, kissing!

Q. Who was your favorite character to write in PASSENGER and why were they a favorite?

I don’t think I could pick a favorite between Nicholas and Etta! They’re both so alike despite the major, major differences in their upbringings. I had a blast writing these little moments where their values and knowledge from their respective centuries bumped up against each other and they had to sort through that. Etta has a really warm, lively voice to write in and is never down for long (my pirate!), and Nicholas is just so sharp and funny, but has this passionate poet’s heart beating in his chest. Those 18th century men have a way with words!

Q. What was the most challenging aspect to writing PASSENGER?

Oooh good question! I think it was the time travel itself, to be honest—I was about to put my head through the wall multiple times because it seemed like every “solution” I had for a time travel paradox just created a new one.  If you’re not careful, you can basically go around in circles trying to explain why something is or isn’t a problem and that really bogs the story down. I’m glad I ultimately chose to make my time travel system be more magic-based than science-based so there was some logical wiggle room, but maaaan. Though stuff to sort through.

Q. What was your favorite aspect about writing PASSENGER?

I loved the adventure of it! I’m living vicariously through both Nicholas and Etta and picking locations and time periods that I’ve always been very interested in. As you guys will see, it also has a very different tone from the darkness of The Darkest Minds, which I don’t think is a bad thing—the difference there made everything feel very fresh to me. Oh! And I really just loved meeting all of these characters for the first time and getting to know them.

Q. If you could take a journey to any time and any place where and when would you go? And why?

I would love to take a peek into the future. Spoilers, I know, but still! I’m such a worrywart, I’d love to know what was coming to help prepare myself.  (And, yes, I’m definitely the kind of person that reads the Wiki entry to see how a movie ends before I watch it and I still read the last line of a book before the first. I am a monster.)

Q. What most surprised you when writing PASSENGER – something the characters did or said, a plot twist or turn, an unexpected destination? (Feel free to be cryptic if spoiler-y.)

Yes! All along I’d been planning on setting the finale of the story in Petra, Jordan—an absolutely beautiful location that you guys will probably recognize from its many appearances in films. I thought it would be incredibly scenic, but… um, logistically there was no way for the characters to reach Petra in time from where they’d started by camel or horse, so I picked a new and equally lovely location… which is now in seriously danger of being destroyed due to what’s happening in modern times. (Hopefully that wasn’t too spoiler-y!) 

On the character side, Sophia—another traveler about Etta’s age who’s grown up in this world—went through some serious changes when I went through edits. She began as a sweet-as-sugar best friend type that, I realized (to my horror) wasn’t really serving any other purpose other than to serve Etta’s character. I always want to depict strong female friendships, but here I felt it was more important to create a strong relationship, or at least a strong dynamic. Sophia and Etta now serve as foils to one another. I’m really pleased that Sophia being exposed to Etta’s modern feminism (which Sophia has sadly been denied because time travelers are awful prigs about gender roles) helps inspire her own action and growth.

Q. What can readers expect from WAYFARER – more action, new destinations, new secrets uncovered, new characters?

A little bit of all of that! The end of PASSENGER sets up two parallel journeys, which means you do get to see more time periods and meet a whole host of new characters, including those involved with the mysterious group, the Thorns, and Li Min, a traveler mercenary for hire who is a freaking delight and a half. Etta learns quite a bit more about the blank space that’s been her father’s side of the family, too! The aspect I’m most excited about, though, is that I finally get to play a bit with alternate history. 

About Alexandra Bracken

Alexandra Bracken HD 2

Alexandra Bracken was born and raised in Arizona, but moved east to study at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. She now writes full time and can be found hard at work on her next novel in a charming apartment overflowing with books. You can visit her online at www.alexandrabracken.com or on Twitter (@alexbracken).


The Giveaway

There is a tour-wide giveaway for…

  • THREE (3) winners will receive a finished copy of PASSENGER – US only

Enter in the Rafflecopter below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Tour Schedule

Week One

Week Two

Cover Reveal: UNHOOKED by Lisa Maxell + Giveaway

cover-revealPURP_darkenessI am super excited to be a part of the cover reveal for Lisa Maxwell’s upcoming novel UNHOOKED, which releases this February.

I love this cover – of course I am partial to covers with ships – as it totally evokes a harrowing journey to Neverland… even if the Neverland in UNHOOKED is far cry from the version we’re familiar with. There’s something magical about it, but also dark and tempestuous, and having read the description I think it is a perfect fit for this story.

If you haven’t yet heard of UNHOOKED, be sure to check out the description below. and if you’d like the chance to win an ARC along with some other awesome books, enter in the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

But first, scroll down to check out this gorgeous cover, which just so happens to fit perfectly with the color scheme I’ve been sporting on the blog for the past few days – “stormy seas.”

And then let me know what you think about UNHOOKED’s cover…

The Cover Revealed


Add to Goodreads

Author: Lisa Maxwell
Release date: February 2, 2016
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pages: 352
Formats: Hardcover, eBook


From “talented wordsmith” (Publishers Weekly) Lisa Maxwell comes a lush, atmospheric fantasy novel filled with twists and turns about a girl who is kidnapped and brought to an island inhabited by fairies, a roguish ship captain, and bloodthirsty beasts.

For as long as she can remember, Gwendolyn Allister has never had a place to call home. Her mother believes they are being hunted by brutal monsters, and those delusions have brought them to London, far from the life Gwen had finally started to build for herself. Gwen’s only saving grace is that her best friend, Olivia, is with her for the summer.

But shortly after their arrival, the girls are kidnapped by shadowy creatures and dragged to a world of flesh-eating sea hags and dangerous Fey. And Gwen begins to realize that maybe her mother isn’t so crazy after all…

Gwen discovers that this new world she inhabits is called Neverland, but it’s nothing like the Neverland you’ve heard about in stories. Here, good and evil lose their meaning and memories slip like water through your fingers. As Gwen struggles to remember where she came from and tries to find a way home, she must choose between trusting the charming fairy-tale hero who says all the right things and the captivating pirate who promises to keep her safe.

Caught in the ultimate battle between good and evil, with time running out and her enemies closing in, Gwen is forced to finally face the truths she’s been hiding from all along. But can she save Neverland without losing herself?


About Lisa Maxwell


Lisa Maxwell is the author of Sweet Unrest, Gathering Deep (Flux, Fall 2015) and Unhooked (Simon Pulse, Spring 2016). When she’s not writing books, she’s an English professor at a local college. She lives near DC with her very patient husband and two not-so patient boys.


The Giveaway

As a thank you to the lovely authors who blurbed UNHOOKED, Lisa is giving away…

  • ONE (1) winner will receive Sara Raasch’s books, Snow Like Ashes & Ice Like Fire; Ellen Oh’s books, Prophecy & Warrior; Christina Farley’s books, Silvern & Brazen; AND an ARC of Unhooked! – US Only

Enter in the Rafflecopter below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FALLING KINGDOMS Series Promo: My Favorite Kingdoms + Giveaway


I have owned every single one of the three currently available Falling Kingdoms books since their respective release dates but have only recently had the chance to embark upon the adventure. And all I can say is, “What have I been waiting for?”

Because… OH. MY. GOSH. I am in LOVE with this series!!!!!

I fell in love from the very first line in FALLING KINGDOMS:

She’d never killed before tonight.

Talk about great first lines. It was instalove for me. And that love has grown exponentially as I’ve continued to read.

I will be all caught up by the time my pre-order copy of FROZEN TIDES downloads to my Kindle on December 15th. Of course that means I’ll have to suffer the agonizing wait for the final two books in the series. But it will be so worth the wait.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to discover this seriously amazing series, you can check it out on PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE and on GOODREADS or visit the series WEBSITE.

Details on each of the books in the series are also below. And there are also links to connect with the author.

My Favorite Kingdoms

For this promo post in anticipation of FROZEN TIDES’ release we were asked to talk about which kingdom(s), region(s), or world(s) we would conquer, rule, or live in as a merchant. Here are just a few.

Kingdoms/Worlds I’d Conquer

The Winter Realm – a.k.a. The Unseelie Court from Julie Kagawa’s IRON FEY series. The Unseelie have always been the most interesting of the fae and I would love to take Queen Mab’s place and rule in her stead. And, hey, someone has to take Queen Mab down, why not me?

The Kingdom of Spring – one of the kingdoms from Sara Raasch’s SNOW LIKE ASHES series. Spring has caused so much trouble for the Winterians. I’d love to conquer it just ensure that its former king does not try to take power again.

Kingdoms/Worlds I’d Rule

Auranos – from Morgan Rhodes’ FALLING KINGDOMS series. While I might change my mind as I continue my journey with these books, I’d love to rule the kingdom that has the most resources and best climate. And yes they have enemies. But I’d like to think I’d have been a smarter and more fair ruler and thus avoided some of the enmity.

Cane – from WINTERSPELL by Claire Legrand. It was and could be again a beautiful and magical place. I suppose first I’d have to have taken it from Anise, but I wouldn’t just want to conquer, I’d definitely want to rule this land.

Kingdoms/Worlds I’d Live In

Lothlórien – one of the Elven kingdoms from LORD OF THE RINGS by J.R.R. Tolkein. Though I’d be happy to have lived in any of the Elven kingdoms, even though they fell eventually.

Gilead – from THE DARK TOWER series by Stephen King. This is not a kingdom. But this world that Roland lived in is one I would have loved to have lived in. It, too, fell. But living there when Roland did would have been amazing.


Of course I’d love to live in almost all of the fictional faerie worlds I’ve read about and even be ruler of one or two – Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely series comes to mind. I’d live in any of those faerie courts.

I would love to conquer the more evil kingdoms and vanquish their rulers in any of the fantasy novels I’ve read – Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes series, Rae Carson’s Fire & Thorns series, Josephine Angelini’s Worldwalker trilogy.

And I’d love to visit any number of worlds or kingdoms, even if I were forced to be just a merchant – The Elemental Trilogy by Sherry Thomas, The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, and the Defiance series by C.J. Redwine.

How about you?

What are your favorite worlds or kingdoms? Would you want to be a ruler, risking your life at every moment to keep your kingdom safe? Or would you prefer to visit or live in one of the kingdoms you’re most curious about? Or are you all about conquering kingdoms to increase your power or to oust an unjust ruler?



Add to Goodreads

Title & Series: FROZEN TIDES (Falling Kingdoms #4)
Author: Morgan Rhodes
Release date: December 15, 2015
Publisher: Razorbill
Pages: 432
Formats: Hardcover, audio, eBook


The plans are laid and the players are determined…but nothing can prepare these unlikely warriors for what the elemental gods of Mytica have in store. 

CLEO: Reeling after a shocking realization about Magnus, Princess Cleo must cast aside her feelings and look toward her kingdom with the eyes of a queen.

MAGNUS: The steely prince of Limeros is once again torn between love and duty, leaving him wondering whether he’s strong enough to rule his people.

LUCIA: Heartbroken and blind with fury, the betrayed sorceress allies with the awoken Fire god, who also seeks revenge.

JONAS: The defeated rebel leader reunites with Princess Cleo, only to become a pawn in the dangerous hunt for the elusive Kindred.

KING GAIUS: A desperate King of Blood flees Mytica and sails to Kraeshia, where he attempts to ally with the famously brutal emperor across the Silver Sea.


About Morgan Rhodes


Morgan Rhodes lives in Ontario, Canada. As a child, she always wanted to be a princess—the kind that knows how to wield a sharp sword to help save both kingdoms and princes from fire-breathing dragons and dark wizards. Instead, she became a writer, which is just as good and much less dangerous. Along with writing, Morgan enjoys photography, travel, and reality TV, and is an extremely picky yet voracious reader of all kinds of books. Under another pen name, she’s a nationally bestselling author of many paranormal novels. Falling Kingdoms is her first high fantasy.




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Title & Series: FALLING KINGDOMS (Falling Kingdoms #1)
Author: Morgan Rhodes
Release date: December 11, 2012
Publisher: Razorbill
Pages: 432
Formats: Hardcover, paperback, audio, eBook



War brought them together. Love will tear them apart.

Princess Cleo of Mytica confronts violence for the first time in her life when a shocking murder sets her kingdom on a path to collapse. Once a privileged royal, Cleo must now summon the strength to survive in this new world and fight for her rightful place as Queen.

The King of Limeros’s son, Magnus, must plan each footstep with shrewd, sharp guile if he is to earn his powerful father’s trust, while his sister, Lucia, discovers a terrifying secret about her heritage that will change everything.

Rebellious Jonas lashes out against the forces of oppression that have kept his country cruelly impoverished—and finds himself the leader of a people’s revolution centuries in the making.

Witches, if found, are put to death, and Watchers, immortal beings who take the shape of hawks to visit the human world, have been almost entirely forgotten. A vicious power struggle quickly escalates to war, and these four young people collide against each other and the rise of elementia, the magic that can topple kingdoms and crown a ruler in the same day.


The Falling Kingdoms Trailer



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Title & Series: REBEL SPRING (Falling Kingdoms #3)
Author: Morgan Rhodes
Release date: December 3, 2013
Publisher: Razorbill
Pages: 416
Formats: Hardcover, paperback, audio, eBook



War brought them together. Love will tear them apart.

Auranos has been conquered and the three kingdoms—Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia—are now unwillingly united as one country called Mytica. But alluring, dangerous magic still beckons, and with it the chance to rule not just Mytica, but the world. . . .

  • CLEO is now a prisoner in her own palace, forced to be an ambassador for Mytica as the evil King Gaius lies to her people
  • MAGNUS stands to eventually inherit the new kingdom but is still obsessed with his feelings for his adopted sister, Lucia
  • LUCIA is haunted by the deadly outcome of her breathtaking display of magic that allowed her father to capture the kingdoms
  • JONAS watches at the palace gates, a troop of rebels behind him, waiting for him to tell them how he plans to overtake King Gaius

When Gaius announces that a road is to be built into the Forbidden Mountains, formally linking all of Mytica together, he sets off a chain of cataclysmic events that will forever change the face of this land.




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Title & Series: GATHERING DARKNESS (Falling Kingdoms #3)
Author: Morgan Rhodes
Release date: December 9, 2014
Publisher: Razorbill
Pages: 432
Formats: Hardcover, paperback, audio, eBook



War brought them together. Love will tear them apart.

Alliances form across Mytica and beyond as royals and rebels alike race to hunt down the Kindred—the four elemental crystals that give their owners god-like power. The stakes have never been higher for Magnus and Cleo, who are brought together by a life or death decision that will lock their fates and change the course of the kingdom forever.

THE REBELS forge ahead. Princess Cleo slays with sweetness—and a secret that might control Lucia’s magic—as she and vengeful Jonaslead the hunt for the all-powerful Kindred.

THE KRAESHIANS join the fray. Ashur and Amara, the royal siblings from the vast kingdom across the Silver Sea, prove to be just as ruthless as they are charming as they manipulate their way to victory.

THE WATCHERS follow Melenia out of the Sanctuary. They ally, in the flesh, with King Gaius, who vows to use Lucia’s powers to unveil the Kindred.

And which side will Prince Magnus choose, now that everyone he’s been betrayed by everyone he’s ever loved?


The Giveaway

There is a promo-wide giveaway that runs from Oct. 26-Nov.27 for…

  • A SIGNED set of FALLING KINGDOMS, REBEL SPRING, and GATHERING DARKNESS by Morgan Rhodes to THREE (3) winners – US only

***Rafflecopter hosted by and prizing courtesy of the publisher***

Enter in the Rafflecopter below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

TEN THOUSAND SKIES ABOVE YOU Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway


I am so unbelievably thrilled to be today’s stop on the TEN THOUSAND SKIES ABOVE YOU Blog Tour. I am crazy in love with this series and I cannot wait for everyone to get the chance to read this sequel. Just one more day and the wait will be over… well, until you devour this book and start the countdown for the next book in the series.

And I cannot even begin to express just how awesome this next installment in the series is… which made it impossible to write a review that conveys anything even remotely close to how I felt about it. But I had to say something instead of getting all tongue-tied like I did with the first book in the series, as my stop on the tour is a review stop.

If you’d like to know what I somewhat incoherently thought about this book, my review is below. If you haven’t yet heard about this series, be sure to check out the description for A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU. It is a series NOT to be missed.

And if you’d like the chance to win a signed set of the two books, enter in the Rafflecopter.



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Title & Series: TEN THOUSAND SKIES ABOVE YOU (Firebird #2)
Author: Claudia Gray
Release date: November 3, 2015
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 432
Formats: Hardcover, paperback, audio, eBook


Ever since she used the Firebird, her parents’ invention, to cross into alternate dimensions, Marguerite has caught the attention of enemies who will do anything to force her into helping them dominate the multiverse—even hurting the people she loves. She resists until her boyfriend, Paul, is attacked and his consciousness scattered across multiple dimensions.

Marguerite has no choice but to search for each splinter of Paul’s soul. The hunt sends her racing through a war-torn San Francisco, the criminal underworld of New York City, and a glittering Paris where another Marguerite hides a shocking secret. Each world brings Marguerite one step closer to rescuing Paul. But with each trial she faces, she begins to question the destiny she thought they shared.

The second book in the Firebird trilogy, Ten Thousand Skies Above You features Claudia Gray’s lush, romantic language and smart, exciting action, and will have readers clamoring for the next book.


NOTE: This review is based on an ARC received from the publisher in exchange for my honest thoughts about the book.

The Review

TEN THOUSAND SKIES ABOVE YOU is a brilliant and amazing and riveting read. It is packed full of action, suspense, surprises, twists and turns. It will break your heart, then mend it, only to break it once more. It is the epitome of an epic adventure that spans multiple universes, that allows for an infinite number of outcomes, and that introduces a number of different versions of the characters readers have come to know and love or hate.

It is intense. It is thrilling. The endless possibilities are mind-boggling. The alternate dimensions are fascinating. The love story is heartrending. The ending is jaw-dropping.

When Paul doesn’t return from his trip into one of the other dimensions where he’d gone to try and find a way to help Theo, Marguerite is willing to do whatever it takes to find him and bring him back. Even if it means defying her parents and giving their enemy, Wyatt Conley, whatever he wants in exchange for Paul’s return.

With Paul’s soul splintered into four pieces and hidden across multiple universes, she’ll be forced to hurt and betray different versions of herself, her family, and those she cares most about, she’ll have to put herself at risk in each dimension to find him, and she’ll have to put her trust in Theo, if she has any hope of saving him.

Whatever she has to do, whatever guilt she’ll have to deal with, will be worth it. Because she could live with the fact that she helped Wyatt and the Triad, but she couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t try to rescue Paul.

Claudia Gray is the master of the multiverse. Her parallel worlds are so well-crafted. The different versions of her characters are interesting and intriguing. The way she makes their lives intertwine is captivating and exciting.

In this sequel, the author turns everything on its ear, making readers question their beliefs about who is good or bad, who is right or wrong, who they love and hate, who should end up with whom. She puts readers on an emotional roller coaster that will leave them breathless. And she takes them on a journey that is gripping, devastating, shocking, and tension-filled.

TEN THOUSAND SKIES ABOVE YOU is imaginative and expansive and rich with detail. The pace is non-stop. The surprises keep on coming. The build-up to the finish is electrifying. It is a sequel that surpasses its predecessor, that is so creative and so incredible, and that readers won’t be able to put down for a second, for a moment. It is a story that can’t be called anything less than phenomenal.

The Rating


Like In-N-Out Burger‘s infamous secret menu this one deserves my off-the-menu 6 star rating.

About Claudia Gray


Claudia Gray is a pseudonym. I would like to say that I chose another name so that no one would ever learn the links between my shadowy, dramatic past and the explosive secrets revealed through my characters. This would be a lie. In truth, I took a pseudonym simply because I thought it would be fun to choose my own name. (And it is.)

I write novels full-time, absolutely love it, and hope to be able to do this forever. My home is in New Orleans, is more than 100 years old, and is painted purple. In my free time I read, travel, hike, cook and listen to music. You can keep up with my latest releases, thoughts on writing and various pop-culture musings via TwitterTumblrPinterestGoodReadsInstagram or (of course) my own home page.

If you want to contact me, you can email me here, but your best bet is probably to Tweet me. I don’t do follows on Twitter, but I follow everyone back on Tumblr, Pinterest and GoodReads.


Other Books in the Series


Add to Goodreads

Title & Series: A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU (Firebird #1)
Author: Claudia Gray
Release date: November 4, 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 368
Formats: Hardcover, paperback, audio, eBook


Every Day meets Cloud Atlas in this heart-racing, space- and time-bending, epic new trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Claudia Gray.

Marguerite Caine’s physicist parents are known for their radical scientific achievements. Their most astonishing invention: the Firebird, which allows users to jump into parallel universes, some vastly altered from our own. But when Marguerite’s father is murdered, the killer—her parent’s handsome and enigmatic assistant Paul—escapes into another dimension before the law can touch him.

Marguerite can’t let the man who destroyed her family go free, and she races after Paul through different universes, where their lives entangle in increasingly familiar ways. With each encounter she begins to question Paul’s guilt—and her own heart. Soon she discovers the truth behind her father’s death is more sinister than she ever could have imagined.

A Thousand Pieces of You explores a reality where we witness the countless other lives we might lead in an amazingly intricate multiverse, and ask whether, amid infinite possibilities, one love can endure.


The Giveaway

There is a tour-wide giveaway for…

  • ONE (1) winner will receive SIGNED finished copies of A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU and TEN THOUSAND SKIES ABOVE YOU – US ONLY

Enter in the Rafflecopter below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Tour Schedule

Week One

Week Two


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