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Authors Are Rockstars Tour: Naomi Canale Interview + Giveaway


I am so excited to be hosting Naomi Canale here on the blog today with a short interview for the Authors Are Rockstars Tour. While I haven’t known of this debut author for quite as long as some of the other rockstar authors I’ve hosted for this event, I still think she’s a total rockstar.

And here’s why.

Naomi Canale is a Rockstar because…

She writes dark things. She likes Poe and King and Aliens according to her bio. And she is not afraid to show her quirky side.

Her debut novel HIS DARK WAYS sounds seriously awesome. A thrill-seeking pastor’s daughter. A satanic séance. A hotel brimming with paranormal activity. And an intriguing ability that sounds like it might just be more than a little bit dangerous.

She wrote an incredibly entertaining short story, Nerdentine, which was published in the LOVE STINKS! anthology that I think totally rocks.

She has an easy-to-connect-with writing style and a voice that is very memorable and paints quite the picture.

“Can I kiss you?”

My answer is to press my lips on his. The hammer in my chest tries to break free and shatters my nerves instead. In the pit of my stomach, blood drains in leaving an intense pulse, I’ve felt butterflies before, but this can’t be it. Butterflies are light–fluffy. This is different–it’s heavy and channeling straight to my soul.


So, yes, Naomi Canale is someone I totally think of as a rockstar. And as not everyone may have had the chance to “meet” this rockstar author just yet, I thought I’d give away a few Kindle eBook copies of HIS DARK WAYS for her stop on the tour.

But if you’d like to learn a little bit more about Naomi, be sure to check out her bio, below, or visit her at any of the places she hangs out online. And if you take a peek at the interview, you’ll be able to learn a little bit more about the author’s influences for HIS DARK WAYS and see just why I think she rocks.


Naomi CanaleAbout Naomi Canale

Naomi Canale is a lifelong Nevadan obsessed with anything vintage and Tim Burton. In between creating art and loving on her three children, she writes young adult and new adult fiction with creepy noir themes.

She is thrilled to share her debut His Dark Ways with you. Her other work can be seen in the anthology Love Stinks and she’s currently working on a new title she can’t wait to pull out of hiding.




QuestionHIS DARK WAYS seems to blend religion with the paranormal, horror and perhaps a touch of romance. How did you decide upon each of these elements? And how were you able to combine them in your story in a way that worked?

I really wanted to write the story of my heart, and for so long I lied to myself that I was, until I was fortunate enough to mentor under Ellen Hopkins. She taught me a lot about writing, life, and to be truthful when it came to my work. To be real on the page. When I started this book, I decided I wasn’t going to follow any formula and write the story I wanted to tell. My editor’s last comment on my manuscript was, “Girl, you are brave!” Ellen instilled that in me.

As far as the building blocks of HIS DARK WAYS, each layer of bricks in between the mortar was a part of me. The paranormal aspects came from a dream. I dream a lot. In the dream, I was touching a young man’s face. He was wearing an historical soldier’s uniform, and when I lifted my hand away, he disappeared. The dream never left. And the romance on the page only grew from there.

The darker side of the book came from the darkest corners of my heart, my past. Oh yes, don’t we all have one of those? I’ve seen a lot of horrific things, lots of death, and to me it’s important to explore those channels to help make sense of them. Sometimes recreating the darkness will give us a better understanding of the light, a longing for it even.

I feel there is something programmed in us, a switch that’s constantly on, that leaves us always curious. Curious of the unknown, a conviction, or whatever it may be and I wanted to explore that. I wanted to take the things I knew in life and weave that question into the book. One choice can change the course of our life and that thought took hold of me.


QuestionPlotter or pantser?

Definitely a panster! This may come from my ADD ways.

QuestionWrite all night or write all day?

All night.

QuestionWrite with music or write in silence?

The louder the better! Did I mention that I’m part deaf for this reason?



His Dark Ways


Pub. Date: Aug 19, 2013 (electronic), Sept 17, 2013 (print)
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 204
Formats: Paperback, eBook

Savanna Christy, a pastor’s daughter, is on a rebellion. Once her Dad told her the Bible warns of opening doors that shouldn’t be opened. She’s become obsessed with finding out if those doors are just as invisible as the God she’s been raised to know.

One night, during another thrill-seeking adventure, Savanna and her friends Amy and Lucky, head thirty minutes out of their small town of Tonopah, to check out the Goldfield Hotel, known to be one of the most highly active places for paranormal activity in the nation. Together the three of them break in, hoping to open one of the doors the Bible speaks of, and in the middle of a satanic séance the three of them are dragged to various places of the hotel. But when the door shuts before Savanna’s cornered, something saves her. As footsteps slowly make their way to where Savanna is under a window, she reaches out her hand. Daniel, an entity who’s been locked away between space and time, becomes just as visible as Savanna. And her energy can give him life again, only when they touch (which triggers an addiction).




What’s Up for Grabs

A Kindle eBook copy of HIS DARK WAYS – 5 Winners


The Deets

  • Must be 13 or older to enter
  • Giveaway is open to anyone able to accept Kindle eBook gifts
  • There will be FIVE (5) winners
  • Giveaway ends Friday, September 6th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific
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25 Responses to “Authors Are Rockstars Tour: Naomi Canale Interview + Giveaway”

  1. Holly Letson says:

    I enjoy trying books by authors I have never read before.

  2. maybe31 says:

    I like the paranormal part in this book! Sounds intriguing!

  3. carlrscott says:

    I love how creepy it sounds and just from the synopsis I think it would make an interesting movie. Thanks for the introduction and the giveaway.

  4. Linda Boyden says:

    I love the rebellion and the mystery and that IT”S SET IN TONAPAH! Having been raised in a strict religion I know how sweet temptation can be for a young woman. Can’t wait to read His Dark Ways! Congrats to you, Naomi and thanks, Fikt shun for this wonderful interview.

  5. Karin Shaim says:

    everything about it sounds amazing!

  6. erinf1 says:

    looks and sounds fantastic! thanks for sharing!

  7. bn100 says:

    the blurb sounds intriguing

  8. Carmen B. says:

    This sounds amazing! I love dark stories and books about séances and doors that had better not been opened. The paranormal element also sounds intriguing, especially since I don’t quite understand what exactly it is yet.

  9. Krystal M says:

    I love Naomi, and I am so excited to dive into this book!

  10. Playing Jokers says:

    That’s one of the cooler author photos I’ve seen in a while.

  11. Taylor K. says:

    I really like the cover. It’s creative and well crafted.

  12. Sara Reed says:

    The book description totally sounds like my kind of book!

  13. Awesome cover. I love paranormal and this books sounds awesome. Please enter me in contest.

  14. Kai W. says:

    I love the sound of dimensional doorways that are hidden as the storyline. Will this be a being of a new series?

  15. Natasha says:

    I love that it is paranormal and it sounds amazing!
    I love the cover!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Holly says:

    Religion and paranormal? Yes, please!

  17. Ashfa Anwer says:

    It sounds creepy! love the cover.

  18. Tammy says:

    Never go poking around where you shouldn’t..

  19. Naomi Canale says:

    Thank you everyone for the comments, and Rachel for hosting me. You all are rock stars! And Kai, readers have been asking me quite often already if there will be a second book, and I think I need to make this happen…

  20. Mary Preston says:

    Brave is good. Brave says I’m in for a great read.

  21. Abby F says:

    I love the cover and I love the title- sounds promising 😀

  22. Lizzy says:

    I’m a horror fanatic, so this is a must read for me. 🙂

  23. ladyvampire says:

    The description of this book just pulls me and beckons me to read it. But that cover is killer also. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. nadia M says:

    sounds really different, i havent read anything like it before so im looking forward to it!

  25. hollybindurham says:

    I actually JUST saw this book on Amazon the other day (or Goodreads) and IMMEDIATELY added it to my TBR list!! The synopsis just really grabbed me. I am not a religious person, but I enjoy reading about religion, especially as juxtaposed with “the dark side,” IF it’s not a preachy kind of book. I don’t mind reading books about religion, but I don’t want to read a religious book — if that makes sense 🙂 It’s kind of hard to describe, one of those “I’ll know it when I see it” things, but this book definitely sounded like it was in line with what I normally enjoy. Plus I think it sounds dark and deliciously creepy, and I LOVE dark and deliciously creepy 🙂 I mean, if she’s a fan of Stephen King and Alien, then she’s my kind of girl!! Thanks for featuring her here, I’m sad I’ve only just now seen this! Oh well, at least I squeezed in under the wire 🙂

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