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Why YA? Guest Post: Danny of Bewitched Bookworms


I am so excited to have today’s guest stop by to answer the question of “Why YA?” here on the blog. It took me a few days to gather the courage to hit “send” on the invitation email and I was so happily surprised and delighted that she said yes.

I’ve known of Danny since very early in my blogging days, long before I was able to sign up as a host at her amazing book touring company Kismet Book Touring. I was also kind of in love with her very pretty blog. Yes I had blog design envy.

I also love her blog. She is incredibly enthusiastic about the books she reads. It was her enthusiasm toward Katie McGarry that finally put that series on top of my reading pile. And when I’ve seen her ratings of a particular book on Goodreads, it has helped me make a determination about whether I’d read that book if I was on the fence about it.

But enough about what I think. This post is about what Danny thinks. And so, let me turn the blog over to her.

Though if you’d like to know a little bit more about her first you can check out her “About” page HERE.

(Oh and for the record, I totally agree with everything she said in her post!)


Guest Post

“YA – The swoon worthy heartbreak!”

When Rachel invited me to be part of her new “Why YA?” feature I was thrilled and honored! Let’s face it, all of us love to talk about books, so this is a great opportunity to ramble a little about the awesomeness that is YA!

Young Adult features protagonists that are around the age of 16 so why the heck does a 35-year-old loves these books so much? Basically, this is a question everyone seems to keep asking me. Seriously girl – you are 35 why would you want to read about kids that are half your age. * cringe * People are right of course, but then these people have not read these amazing books that make you feel so much, they have not experienced what I experience every day when I’m reading.

In YA all emotions are amplified, heck, everything is amplified. When you are young and experience love for the first time, this is how you feel. Love is epic, feelings are epic and the boy you just met, oh he’s most definitely the most swoon worthy of all.

When I read, I want to feel. I need to feel the intense love and have butterflies in my stomach when they kiss for the first time and then, I also love the feeling of heartbreak. When these swoon worthy boys do something utterly stupid and your heart breaks I feel it right with them while I’m reading.

I am a very empathic person and I crave this feeling of heartbreak. Don’t get me wrong; I am not masochistic, so in order for me to fully engage into a story my heart needs to be put back together.

Oh how I dwell in these feelings. Starting from a first crush, going to the bliss of being together, then getting my heart broken down into tiny little pieces before I’m again whole at the end.

Coming back to YA all this is terrifically amplified and just more intense, which is why I utterly adore reading Young Adult.
And now, I’m getting into a short excurse about paranormal YA – which is still my favorite genre, even though I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary YA lately. But paranormal holds a special allure I won’t find in contemporary.

SweetPerilWhen authors create love interest for a paranormal story, they are usually much freer in how they develop their characters. He can be a total Jerk (please see Daemon Black – from the Lux Series as a poster child for this), he can be full of sin (Kaidan Row – hero in Sweet Evil is definitely full of sin..) and he can be unreasonably kick ass (Hello Cole from Alice in Zombieland). All these features wouldn’t probably work in Contemporary, yet in paranormal we find all kinds of different swoon worthy boys. Moreover, often especially these types of boys are the ones that make us fall for them even harder, and they always (yes they always) screw up and eventually break our heart.
Through the Zombie Glass
“Normal” rules do not apply which makes love and heartbreak even more intense.

In the end, this is why I love YA. I love these intense, incredibly outrageous feelings of love and heartbreak.

Thanks for having me Rachel!



Meet Danny

Bewitched Bookworms


3 Responses to “Why YA? Guest Post: Danny of Bewitched Bookworms”

  1. Squeals! thank you so much Rachel for inviting me over today! This is such a great feature and such a great topic and finally I had again the chance to just ramble about the awesomness that is YA!!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Reanna says:

    Excellent post, Danny! I read some YA, but you explained the reasons why it’s so appealing to so many beautifully. Thanks for enlightening an old woman here 🙂

  3. I’ve often wondered myself why I am so drawn to the YA genre.

    Danny makes some very good points. Everything is amplified! Even when it comes to the paranormal series – which I tend to gravitate towards more than contemporary. While I still read adult novels, over the past few months, maybe a year at most, my loyalty has changed.

    Not that I’m arguing 🙂

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