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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 6


Happy Day Six of the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge hosted by Good Books and Good Wine. I am majorly in love with this challenge for a few reasons. Because it has allowed me not to stress over the fact that I’ve been too exhausted to write reviews this past week. Because it has allowed me to connect with and discover a few new blogs and bloggers. And because… well… it’s fun!

If you want to know more about the challenge, be sure to check out the “Let’s Get It Started” post. It seems you can join in at any time and post only on those days where you have the time or inclination to post. So, why not, right?

Today’s topic is a fun one… though I’m more than a little embarrassed about my book buying habits….


Day 6: Describe how you shop for books


How do I shop for books? In every way possible. By every means possible.

Most of my book buying is done online or directly on my Kindle. I am a bit of an eReader junkie. I love the convenience of having all of my books with me everywhere I go. And as I move. A LOT. And physical books are really, really heavy, I try very, very hard not to acquire too many of them.

But in terms of how I buy them online? Frequently. I’m an impulse book buyer. If it looks even remotely interesting, I one-click and that book is mine. Even if I might not get to read it for the next millennium or two. Yes, I’m still hoping for immortality only for the ability to read more books.

Creating my Book Watch posts is dangerous. When researching upcoming books for a certain week I have to scroll through over a thousand “coming soon” books. Which means that more often than not I end up pre-ordering at least ten to twenty upcoming titles. But “Amazon Recommends” has also caused me to buy books based on a pretty cover.

So, I pretty much buy anything and everything that I want to potentially read “at some point.” It’s easy not to think about the money or the amount of books still in the queue when buying for the Kindle. I don’t really see that large stack of unread books, so it alleviates some of the guilt.

In terms of physical books? For those I am much, much, much more choosy. I sometimes buy them online through Books of Wonder (signed) or Amazon. But due to the fact that more often than not the books don’t arrive in pristine condition – slightly dented dust jackets, banged up corners, etc. – I prefer to do a manual inspection, which means buying at the bookstore.

I’m just as much an impulse buyer in stores as I am online. Though on a much smaller scale. I do get embarrassed by carrying around more than four books. Yes, people stare. How rude! Especially since I am an adult and spend much of my time browsing the “Teens” section.

Unless I’m looking for a particular title, those books that are turned so that they’re facing outward tend to grab me. If, that is, the cover is amazing. And as I’m sure the marketers intended, I do tend to gravitate toward those books at eye-level. Though I am thorough and if I have time I will look through books from A-to-Z to make sure that I’m not missing out on something potentially awesome.

If I see that little label marked “autographed” or “signed” I am hard-pressed to refuse adding it to my “to buy” stack. Even if it’s not a title I know or want to know, seeing that the author actually put their hand to the page makes everything in me scream, “I WANT!”

But only if the book is in perfect condition. I will not take home a book that looks like it’s been read. Any obvious wear or tear means that the book will not come home with me. I will pull every single copy from the shelves to look for the one or more copies that make the cut. I test the spine to make sure it doesn’t open at more than a 15 degree angle. I make sure the dust jacket is free of dents or tears or too many fingerprints. I make sure that none of the pages have any bends or… food stains. *shudder.* And I make sure that there are no scuffs or marks on the page ends.

So, I shop for books like the neurotic, book addicted, book buyer that I am. And with the fact that online is always on line, my potential for book buying binges extends to any twenty-four hour period, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year.

Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m a book addict. And I don’t plan on remedying that situation any time soon.


But I would love to know about your bookish buying habits. Are you an online shopper? Do you prefer to browse the shelves in your bookstore? Do you prefer those cozy independent bookstores or do you like the convenience of a chain store?

And are you as “particular” as I am about your books? Or do you just grab the first book you see and run to the register?

Oh…. and when perusing the stacks, do you ever move a favorite book to a more prominent location on the shelves? Are you a book arranger as well as a book buyer?

Tomorrow’s topic is about blogging quirks. And I’m a little lot afraid about just how much that will reveal about me. Because I have a few.


One Response to “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 6”

  1. I am just like you… I’m an impulsive buyer which actually you can easily see when you look into my Kindle.. There are tons of books I still didn’t have time to read but of course I had to buy! I buy 99% of all my books online…

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