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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1


I just moments ago stumbled across an awesome challenge being hosted by April of Good Books and Good Wine called the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge and it sounded like so much fun that I had to sign up.

Okay… well, some of the questions sound like fun. Others may involve some head-banging and hair-pulling in order to come up with answers. But I suppose it’s not much of a challenge if things aren’t… well… challenging.


If you’d like to learn more about the challenge or maybe you already know you want to participate, check out the details post on April’s blog, HERE.

Day 1: Make 15 book-related confessions


1. I won’t buy a book with an ugly cover. Even in eBook form. If the cover doesn’t have at least a few redeeming qualities the book won’t make it into my collection. I can do creepy covers, freaky-deaky covers, I’ll buy my 4 millionth cover with a girl in a pretty dress. But I don’t do tacky, painfully boring, or shudder-worthy covers. If it doesn’t look nice on the in-store shelf, it will never find a home on mine.

2. It almost always takes me at least ten tries to actually get into a book. I pick it up. I read a sentence. I put it down. I pick up a new book. Repeat. I usually find a book to read after one-sentence reading at least thirty to forty books. If I’m not grabbed by that first line in that moment, nine times out of ten I’ll set it aside for later. And later is usually many, many books down the line. Oh, I’ll keep trying after each book to get back to that one I thought I’d wanted to read. But sometimes the mood doesn’t strike me again until I’ve all but given up hope.

3. I don’t “do” well-worn books. I know that they say well-worn is well-loved. Not for me. I buy my books in the most pristine condition possible. And if I opt to read them, I do so as carefully as possible. No spine-bending or breaking. No dog-earing of pages. No writing of notes in the margins. No eating. No drinking. And in the case of hardcovers – no reading with dust jacket on. If for some reason even the slightest bit of damage mars the book, that’s it. Bye-bye book. You have to find a new home. I don’t tolerate imperfections in my books.

4. I’m a sucker for tragedy. Not in real life. Ever. But in fiction? Heck yeah. Romeo and Juliet’s tragic fate will forever hold a special place in my heart. Kill off a beloved character? I will forever remember the story and its characters. And those books that make me cry the ugly tears are books that will always hold a higher spot on my favorites lists than those with happily ever after endings.

5. Since I started blogging I have the hardest time remembering characters’ names. Even while I’m reading a story I often forget the characters’ names in said story. The moment I close the book I can almost always guarantee I won’t remember their names, unless those names are so unique that just trying to read them made them imprint themselves in my memory.

For example… I just recently finished a book with a female character named Caymen. I loved this book with a passion, but aside from her name I cannot remember a) her last name, b) the swoon-worthy boy’s name, c) her mother’s name, d) her quirky friend’s name, e) her quirky friend’s boyfriend’s name – the dude with the pointy nose who played the guitar or f) the “other” guy in the tiny triangle. I read this five days ago. And I forgot all those names five days ago.

6. I’m more likely to read a book for review in electronic format than print format. Yeah, I said it. While I think books in print offer that tactile experience – especially hardcovers with quality paper and a deckle edge – given my need to keep my books pristine I prefer the ease of reading a review book in electronic format. Plus I find it so much easier to make notes on the electronic device versus having to set the book down – and possibly wrinkle a page – to pick up my phone to use the notepad app.

7. The more popular a book, the less I want to read it. Unless I decided before it reached that elite status that it’s a must read book, I will be disinclined to read it. At least until the chatter dies out. I don’t do well with “you have to” as regards anything in life. My stubborn side kicks in and says, “Really? Last time I checked this was a free country.” So when someone tells me I have to read THE buzzed about book, my mulish brain screams, “No!”

8. I don’t lend books. I’ll give them away before I lend them. I’d rather know up front that once they leave my possession they are no longer mine to possess. Because when the books are out of my hands, I obsess over them. When will I get them back? Are people eating while reading them? Will they come back in the same condition in which they were lent? Aside from my bookish obsession with perfection, I have had a lot of misfortune with books I’d lent in the past. Yes, I’ve had such traumatic experiences with lending that I even posted about ten such incidents a couple years ago – here.

9. I have too many eReaders. I really only use one – my paperwhite Kindle. Yet I have four nooks and, I think, nine Kindles… it could be ten. I can’t really justify the overage by saying “just in case.” While I do need at least a couple extras for just that reason, I probably don’t need all of those.

10. I never want it to be the best friend. While it’s such a sweet concept that one day the female MC turns and sees her best friend in a new light, recognizes just how handsome he’s gotten, how supportive he is, how defined his abs are, I always, always, always want the best friend to get passed over for the other guy. Even if he is a complete asshat.

11. I prefer a love story to sexy times any day. At least when it comes to YA fiction. Teenage angst and twisty-turny feelings are so much more entertaining to read than the brief moments of fevered kisses or exploring (above the waist) hands that make the skin tingle. I am a sucker for all the feelings that come with the romance – the swoon-worthy, sigh-worthy moments. While the heat is fun to read about, I’d trade it for the love story – tragic or otherwise – always, always, always.

12. I have over 750 unread books on my eReader and it’s driving me slowly insane. These are paid-for, unread books that I purchased at full price. I don’t troll for freebies, I don’t buy books on sale down the line. I’m a very spur of the moment one-click buyer. And it’s getting harder and harder not to think about just how much money in unread books I have sitting there. But what’s worse – yes there’s a worse – is thinking about the number of unread books, divided by the number of books I read each year. It would take me seven and a half years to finish those books if I were to never buy a new book. Like that’s going to happen. Pardon me while I go have a panic attack….

13. I can’t separate a book from its author. When I used to read, it was all about the book and the author was just some name on the cover and picture inside the back flap of the jacket. Now they’ve become these very real people. Which means that if I hear the “bad things” about an author, I won’t be able to enjoy the book in the way I might have. And if those “bad things” are really, really bad, it’s likely I won’t read or even buy the book. Which makes me all sorts of sad.

14. I judge people who don’t read. Not those who can’t read. Those who can and choose not to. I know it’s not fair – not everyone has the time or inclination – but I do. Judge non-readers, that is. While it doesn’t have to be fiction, if someone doesn’t want to read something – articles, non-fiction, autobiographies, graphic novels – I tend to look at them as if they were an alien species. The concept of the non-reader is so foreign to me, so unrelatable, that I typically rush to judgment. One that’s not in their favor.

15. I have never bought a book based on it being on a best-seller list. I actually don’t ever look at best-seller lists – I’d more likely avoid a book that was a best-seller than gravitate toward one. If I did look at those lists, I’d spend way too much time wondering whether the book really was a best-seller or if someone marketed it so hard that people jumped on the bandwagon, further boosting it up the list. While I have read best-sellers, it’s more “in spite of” than “because of.”


Well that was a lot of fun. I’m just glad they were book-related confessions and not blog-related confessions. Not sure I have fifteen of those. I’m kind of WYSIWYG in terms of blogging, so there’s not much to confess there.

And I’m glad it was limited to 15 confessions or else I’d have to start talking about guilty pleasure reads, my early love affair with romance novels (I was nine), the number of times (in a row) that I read the Twilight series, my long-time obsession with Lestat and just how disturbed, yet fascinated, I am by Clive Barker’s books.

So, if you have 15 confessions to make, or would like to participate in any of the days of this challenge, be sure to head over to Good Books and Good Wine, linked at the top of this post, to find out more about the challenge and to join in.


21 Responses to “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1”

  1. I love the banner you made! Seriously people’s creativity astounds me.

    You know the cool thing is that if we were in a novel we would never fight over love interests, you’d be going for the alpha dude and I’d be going for the beta nice dude!

    I think you have good reason to not lend books, it is totally the worst when you let someone borrow something and the spine comes back CRACKED. That happened to me with my copy of Poison Study. Pissed is an understatement.

    I am so glad I am not the only one hoarding all the ebooks, granted most of mine were books that went on sale, but they are ones that have been on my TBR pre-sale. I just wait for a bargain which happens all too often.

    Also! Hoarding all the ereaders! I am at 4, but I have to let my regular Kindle go as the screen does not work anymore. So sad. I do have to say I am jealous of your 9 kindles.

    Ahhhh, it is SO hard to remember character names sometimes. I mean, I can remember inane details like the color of the heroine’s hair, but definitely not names.

    Great list! Thanks for participating. 🙂 This was fun to read!

  2. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Quinn says:

    I love the love scenes more than the sexytimes, too. I mean, I don’t mind the kissing bits at all. But when I really like the sexytimes is when I feel like the characters have this strong, romantic connection.

    And I am so with you on well-worn books. And if I buy a book, I do not break the spine, fold the pages, anything.

  4. 13 and 14 <<< YES! If I dislike and author I cannot read their books…kind of like why I can't see a Mel Gibson ever again.

  5. Ellie says:

    Love your confessions!!!! #12 <— You are crazy!!! But I'm slowly getting to that number 🙁


  6. Emily J. says:

    I am right there with you on #5. I have the WORST time remembering character names (and real people names, if I’m being honest…)

  7. Rachel – those confessions made me smile so much especially since many of those could be mine!!
    I LOVE my eReader and always (!!!) prefer e- over paperback!

    and having said that, I do not read a book with a bd cover either!

    I also have a hard time separating the book from the author. And having realized that ,I try to connect only with authors after I read their book. Never before:)

  8. #13 & 14 is totally me and #15 SHOULD be me. I NEVER like what everyone else loves, not matter how many reviews convince me that I will, it never happens. (you tricksy review writers) I need to stay away from the book buzz and maybe start exploring more independent authors.

  9. Great confessions! I often get characters from books confused since I started blogging. Also what do you do with all your extra eReaders haha? That’s just great!

  10. OOh, thanks for turning my attention to April’s challenge. I’ve posted my bookish confessions too 🙂

    If it has an ugly cover, I’m more likely to just buy the ebook, haha!

    Wow, that is quite the system of picking up books, but it seems to work for you!

    6. I don’t really get many print review books, but I agree, it is so much easier to make notes on electronic copies!

    7. I kinda agree, ESPECIALLY if it is over freaking hyped with a million tweets or posts about it!

    NINE Kindles LOL! That is quuuuuite the collection 😀

    13. I agree — I have certain principles that I’m not willing to compromise just to read a book. There are so many awesome ones out there, missing out on a few isn’t going to mess up my life. I’d rather not support authors who are racists, misogynists, homophobes, etc.

  11. Ashleigh Logan says:

    Love your confessions 🙂 I am right with you on a few of them. I wont buy a book if it has an ugly cover. I am much more likely to want to read a book if its not a bestseller or if people are talking about how bad it is! Friends think I’m crazy but while I will be believe that everyone loves a book I always have to see for myself just whats so bad about a book. I too can be quite judgey when it comes to people who choose not to read, I always think to myself ‘whats wrong with you? how could you not like reading?’ I also hoard books and not just ebooks, I have a bookshelf thats filled with books I have yet to read but just had to have. I have made my four year old almost as I am, if she sees a book shop she starts begging to go in just to buy one book yet she will walk out with at least three!
    Even though I have so many books I still hate to lend them out, I will *sometimes* give the book away or if I know that they wont love and care for the book like I will then I will just flat out refuse to lend it. But if I think that the series is a must read I will either buy it as a gift for someone or give them my copies and buy myself new ones.

  12. Love the list! I usually won’t buy a book with an ugly cover in physical form, but if it sounds really good I will buy it e-book form. I usually try to avoid book buzz too though sometimes I have found decent books through the hype.

  13. I have a ton of books that I’ve bought and need to read, too. Not 750, but still over 300! And I’m also more likely to give away books before lending them out … I’ve lent some out in the past and to this day have no idea who I lent them to. Makes me sad. 🙁

    Oh, and I’ve bought books with ugly covers, but only if really, really necessary.

  14. Rachel Chan says:

    lol, I agree, I hate lending books to my friends as I pretty much need my books to be in absolutely pristine condition.
    I used to always make a really big deal out of it when I leant a friend a book, stating very emphatically that if they so much as creased the cover, they would meet with an untimely demise… A little hard-core, I know.
    Anyway, a few years ago I let one of my friends borrow a book and she split juice on one of the pages. She got so freaked out she actually gave me an apology card with 15 dollars inside so that I could buy a new copy.
    She looked so scared when she gave me the card that I burst out laughing, gave her back the money and stopped reciting my “untimely demise” speech every-time I leant someone a book… just in case they thought I meant my threat in all seriousness 🙂
    And on a side note, lol, your poor “Interview with the Vampire” book! It’s definitely made me rethink lending books to anyone who sunbathes…

  15. I just had to stop by and say that it was your post that inspired me to do this challenge myself. 🙂 It looks like it could be fun!

    Plus, I’ve got to agree with many of your points, especially with not lending books and loving tragedy and not remembering names. Those could have easily been on my list, too. (I think the tragedy one kind of is in a way…)

    Thanks for inspiring me to take the challenge!

  16. I love that you not only have a LOT of books, but also a LOT of ereaders to go with them 😉
    And I kinda judge people who don’t read as well, even though I try not to.
    And I’m SO with you on the lovestory trumping the heat! I mean, I know historical romance has a lot of sexy moments in them, but I wouldn’t read them if they didn’t have a wonderful lovestory as well 🙂

  17. YAY, I’m so happy I’m not alone in having several hundred unread books on my kindle! And I actually didn’t even think about counting my devices as one of my confessions… I own several kindles and iPads 🙂

    This is a lot of fun! Please come over and check out my Bookish Confessions.

    Happy reading 🙂

  18. Jenna says:

    I read a lot of used books so I don’t mind them being well-worn. Of course I’ll pick a better copy if I have the choice between two.

    I’ve never met someone with so many ereaders! Most people I know have two at most. How do you choose which one to read on?

  19. Wow 9 Kindles! What do you do with it all? Do you rotate between? Do all Kindles all hold ebooks?

    This list is absolutely fantastic and reading the comments I think many of us can relate to at least some of your confessions.

    – I can’t recall names either unless it’s the two main characters, and not five days later LOL
    – I don’t lend books either, they just never come back as they should 🙁
    – I prefer reading review books on an ebook reader due to the notation, highlight and dictionary features.

  20. Taherah says:

    Love your list!! Basically agree with you on #s 1,3,5,6,11,14, and 15…And omg so many e-readers!! Haha how do you keep track of all of them?

  21. I know what you mean about lending out a book. I let my friend borrow a book when she was staying with us for a few days and she took it home without asking and hasn’t given it back =x I’m the opposite about best sellers though. If there is a big hyped book and all my bloggy friends like it I’ll buy it. I just bout The Fault In Our Stars no questions asked and I can’t wait to read it. My Confessions

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