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Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge – Month Five


If you’re just visiting here now and have no idea what this challenge is about, CLICK HERE for the post with all the details. It’s not too late to sign up! Though this is the final month of the challenge.


Well, it’s the final month of the challenge. And for those of you who have managed to read at least one series-ending book during each month of the challenge, you are totally amazing.


As this is the last month, if there are those lingering books you want to read, now’s the time. Of course you could read them after the challenge. But if you’re anything like me you’ll end up putting it off “for later.” And if you are like me, “later” never seems to roll around.

This past month no book was a clear winner like in previous months of the challenge. But BOUNDLESS seems to have been a popular read… one I really should be reading this month, now that I’m reading the novella, RADIANT, that is set just before this final book.

During the fourth month of the challenge it was Aleksandra of Aleksandra’s Corner that totally killed the challenge with four series-ending books read and reviewed. Wow. That is amazing!

I, on the other hand, did terribly. I only read one series-ending book. Just one. This past month the only series-ending book I read was:

DANCE OF THE RED DEATH (Masque of the Red Death #2) by Bethany Griffin

And I can’t even link it to my review because it’s not posted yet. Neither is my review for GODDESS which I read last month.

But they will be posted on the blog this week. And I will definitely be reading IF I SHOULD DIE this month. After just having finished the novella, DIE FOR HER, I am desperate to read that final book right now.

And I think it’s finally time to take the plunge and read DARKEST MERCY. It’s been a long time coming and I’m still not certain I’m ready to find out how that series ends… but I must. It’s one of the first books I thought of when I decided to start this challenge.

So, I think that means I’m going to have to wait just a little bit longer to say goodbye to CLOCKWORK PRINCESS. Because I refuse to say goodbye to both of these books this month.

While I am just a little bit disappointed that I haven’t read many series-ending books this month, it seems that I actually didn’t read very many books at all. So I don’t feel quite as bad for only reading one series-ending book. Though I feel terrible for only reading four books in the last month.

I am ever hopeful that will change during this last month of the challenge.

But what books are you “hoping” to read this last month of the challenge? I’d love to know!


Just a reminder of what to do….

When you’ve read the book and shared your thoughts online – whether on Goodreads, Facebook or your blog – stop back and leave a link in the Linky. As this is the final month of the challenge, however, the giveaway will be just a little bit different.

At the end of the challenge, I will be adding up all the linked reviews from the entire challenge. Each review link will count as one entry into this end-of-challenge giveaway. And there will be two winners. The second place winner will get one book of their choice, not to exceed $25 US. The first place winner will get $50 (US) in books of their choice.

And they do not have to be series-ending books.

So, if you haven’t read that many books for the challenge yet, there’s still time to earn a few more entries into the challenge-ending giveaway. But more importantly it’s not too late to say farewell to a series you wanted to say goodbye to ages ago.



The winner for this month’s Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge Book of Your Choice is….

Aleksandra @ Aleksandra’s Corner

Congratulations! You’ve won a series-ending books of your choice. Please email me – or fill out my contact form – with your book of choice and your address and I’ll order it from Amazon or The Book Depository – or pre-order it if it’s not yet released.


As the Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge nears its end, I wish you the very best of luck in saying your goodbyes. I hope that saying goodbye has gotten easier and that you’ve managed to say goodbye to a few series that you’ve been wanting to say goodbye to for months or years.

While this past month wasn’t the most successful for me in terms of the number of books I had to say goodbye to, it wasn’t hard to pick up the series-ending book I did read and dive in. Though when I reached the story’s end I was incredibly sad that there would be no further books to anticipate. I just hope that won’t be the case for the two books I plan to read this month.

The challenge ends on July 13th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific and the Wrap Up post will go up on July 14th and will announce the two challenge winners. Even though saying goodbye to stories and characters we love is always a bit sad, I at least hope that this challenge has been just a little bit fun.

Leave your links for your thoughts and/or review posts below.

6 Responses to “Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge – Month Five”

  1. Yay, thank you, Rachel! This was a pleasant surprise 😀 You just made my day (since it’s morning here) 😀 I filled the contact form.

    I’m so like you, I keep postpone & postpone, if there wasn’t this challenge to remind me, I probably still wouldn’t have finish half of the series I did. I’m hoping to read the most this month, since I will be more free, and I’m hoping to finally read Foretold (I can’t seem to stop postponing it), I already started Outside In by Maria V. Snyder, and of course now I’m hoping to read The Crimson Crown by Cinda Williams Chima, too 🙂 And yeah, there are a lot more I have my eye on, but I can only read so much 😉

    Good luck, Rachel, and happy reading this month!

  2. T_T
    I can’t believe I only managed to read 1 freaking book T_T and that was a month ago.

    I really stink at reading challenges T_T
    So much for saying goodbye to some series 🙁


  3. I’m really behind now! I was supposed to read at least 2 books last month, and I only read 1 (boo!). Now I have to read 5 books or I won’t do it, never!
    Oh, girl! this is so hard!

    Good luck to you this month! 🙂

    • Fiktshun009 says:

      That’s not that far behind – well last month’s books – but oh no 5 books, good luck! And thanks so much. Ugh I read one so far. Not sure how many more I can do. 🙁

  4. Last month was slow for me too. Didn’t get hardly any reading done. I finished Goddess Inheritance last night though, so there’s one for this month. I hope to finish If I Die, Endure, Dance of the Red Death, and Unbreakable this month. We’ll see though. Good luck to everyone this month!

  5. Jen @ BE says:

    Wow, I can’t believe the challenge is almost over! But really, this motivated me to finally finish a lot of series- so thank you for that. 🙂 I’m currently in the middle of Oath Bound, and eep, I don’t wanna say good bye yet! XD And I’ve never read Wicked Lovely, but if you’re having such a hard time saying good bye to Darkest Mercy, maybe I should pick it up…

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