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Novella Reading Week Begins!


It’s finally here! I cannot believe I get to spend an entire week reading novellas. It feels like such a guilty pleasure. Especially with the pile of review books I have. But the timing couldn’t be more perfect, as I am totally in the mood to dive into shorter reads.

And I’m super excited to be co-hosting the week with Mindy of Magical Urban Fantasy Reads who has some amazing novellas on her pile this week. If you’d like to check out what she’s reading, stop by her site, HERE.

While I already mentioned the five books I definitely plan on reading for Novella Reading Week in the My Reading Pile post on Saturday, I thought I’d show them, and a few other novellas I’d love to read, here.

The Novellas

While I only think I’ll be able to read the five I mentioned in My Reading Pile, my goal is to read seven novellas this week. And if I can read a few more, then I’ll be totally stoked!


GLITTER & DOOM (Masque of the Red Death #1.5) by Bethany Griffin

DESTROY ME (Shatter Me #1.5) by Tahereh Mafi

ORIGINS: THE FIRE (Mila 2.0 #0.5) by Debra Driza

DIE FOR HER (Die for Me #2.5) by Amy Plum


UNDONE (Unraveling #1.5) by Elizabeth Norris

RADIANT (Unearthly #2.5) by Cynthia Hand

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN PERU (The Bane Chronicles #1) by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan

THE ASSASSIN AND THE PIRATE LORD (Throne of Glass #0.1) by Sarah J. Maas

THE ASSASSIN AND THE DESERT (Throne of Glass #0.2) by Sarah J. Maas

THE ASSASSIN AND THE UNDERWORLD (Throne of Glass #0.3) by Sarah J. Maas

ONE DAY MORE (A Life After Theft Novella) by Aprilynne Pike


And while I have listed these twelve novellas for this challenge, I may go off-pile and read any of the twenty or thirty other novellas I have on my Kindle waiting to be read. Maybe I’ll even find a new one.

The Giveaway

As mentioned in the sign-up post, there is a giveaway associated with this reading week.

What’s up for grabs?

$25 in Books of Your Choice to TWO (2) Winners!

The Deets

To be eligible for the giveaway you must have signed up for the challenge in the post linked above.

There are TWO ways in which you can gain an entry into this giveaway, which ends at the end of Novella Reading Week at 11:59 p.m. Pacific on June 16th:

1) Leave a link to your review post on your Blog, Facebook, Tumblr, Goodreads or other online site in the Linky in this post. Each review link will count as one entry.


2) Share your non-spoiler-y thoughts in the comments, then leave a generic link in the Linky in this post to a place you hang out online – Blog, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Goodreads – so we can contact you if you’ve won. But only your comment will count as an entry. So be sure to leave a new comment with your thoughts about each novella you read.

Winners will be chosen via Random and announced in this post and contacted by email.

The Winners


Everyone’s entries were thrown into Random and it has chosen…

Novella Reading Week Winners

Congratulations Vivien and Jen! Random chose you as the winners for Novella Reading Week. I will be contacting you You’ve been contacted by email for your details and your book selections. I hope you had an awesome time reading those novellas!

And thanks so much to everyone who participated in the event last week and for sharing your thoughts about each of your reads!

***A note: Both winners did share their thoughts. The Random only says “not a review” as that was my alert that the entry was only the name, not a link to the review, and that I needed to check the comments for the number of review entries that should get added.***

Link up!

Good luck in the challenge this week! I hope you get to read a few novellas you’ve been just dying to read and maybe even a few new ones you hadn’t even thought about reading until now!

Just leave your review links in the Linky below or your thoughts in the comments.

Happy Novella Reading!

32 Responses to “Novella Reading Week Begins!”

  1. Happy reading, Rachel! I loved the Throne of Glass novellas, so I hope you will, too 🙂

    • Aleksandra says:

      Hey, Rachel, I wrote all of my thoughts on the novellas I read in one post, so I linked up that one in the linky. I hope that’s fine.

      Thanks for hosting, I did quite the dent in my pile 🙂

      • Fiktshun009 says:

        That’s absolutely fine. I’ll just have to count them up and add that number of entries to the giveaway. 🙂 And you’re welcome and I’m so glad you got to make a dent in your novellas!

        I made a small dent, but I’m happy that I got as many read as I did this past week. Thank you so much for joining the event this week.

  2. Lea Krnjeta says:

    I am so excited about this! Today I already read Glitter and Doom bt Bethaby Griffin and Radiant by Cynthia Hand. I liked them both. In Glitter and Doom we get to see where April was most of the time while she was gone in Masque of the red death and we meet Kent. He was super cute. I read Radiant a few days after I read Boundless and that was a mistake. I recommend that you read it before Boundless because it explains some things. I liked Angelas POV. She is a really strong character even with all that has happened to her. I still have mixed feelings about Phen.
    Today I still plan to read novellas from Sophie Jordan and Amy Plum.

  3. Lea Krnjeta says:

    I have a lot of novellas on my to-read list and I started with Glitter and doom and Radiant. I loved them both. Glitter and doom shows us a little bit of April’s past and insight into her and Elliot’s childhood and we also see what April was doing in the time we didnt know where she was in Masque of the red death. And we also meet Kent, who is super cute. In Radiant, I loved Angela’s POV. She is a very strong person even after everything that happened to her.


  4. Zed says:

    Oh wow, this is so weird but I was waiting for my train today and ended up reading What Really Happened in Peru!!!

  5. Lea Krnjeta says:

    Yesterday I read Glitter and doom and Radiant. Both were great but I liked Radiant a bit more. In Glitter and doom we meet Kent,the inventor, who is super cute and we get the insight into April’s and Elliot’s childhood. We also see where April was during some events in Masque of the red death. In Radiant, we get to see into Angela’s head since the novella is told from hers and Clara’s POV. I love her strenght, she is a fierce and interesting character. Today I’ll try to read Roar & Liv by Veronica Rossi and Anabel and Raven by Lauren Oliver.

  6. Vivien says:

    I just finished The Wide Wide Sea , by Patrick Ness. I really really really liked it!! I actually felt a connection in this novella.

  7. Vivien says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!! I just finished Snowscape , by Patrick Ness and the f*cking FEELS!!!!!

    *rocks back and forth*


  8. I just finished reading Die for Her- and oh my gosh, poor Jules! He’s such a sweet guy, and such a loyal friend to Vincent. I mean, I never really took him seriously before, but now I see him in a totally new light! <3

    • Fiktshun009 says:

      I always loved Jules and after reading book two I was rooting for him instead of Vincent. So glad you got to see him in a new light. I love this novella! So excited you get to see who he really is. 🙂

  9. Lea Krnjeta says:

    Just finished Undone by Elizabeth Norris. It was great to see things from Ben’s perspective and to see how he ended up in Janelle’s world. It was also interesting to see what happened after Unraveling.

    • Fiktshun009 says:

      Have you read Unbreakable yet? So curious if it was different for someone who hadn’t read the final book. I wish I’d read it in order as it would totally have made me anxious to read book two!

  10. Vivien says:

    I just finished Shadow by Amanda Sun. Unfortunately this did nothing for me. I didn’t enjoy Ink, but I thought I’d give this a chance. I had the same problems with it that I had with Ink. This series just isn’t for me.

  11. Read Destroy Me…

    OH MY GOD…

    I won’t EVER question why you love Warner so much ever ever again…



  12. Lea Krnjeta says:

    Done with Aftermath by Andrea Cremer. Shocked is one word for it.
    And On every street by Karina Halle. I am so heartbroken even though I knew how it will finish. Javier is a bastard.

  13. Vivien says:

    Just finished The Assassin and the Pirate Lord by Sarah J. Maas. It had been a while since I read Throne of Glass but I immediately remembered the world clearly once I started reading. I really liked it!! Now I need to read the rest of the novellas. I cannot wait for Crown of Midnight!!!

    • Vivien says:

      I do want to add that I think I enjoyed The Assassin and the Pirate Lord more because I had already read Throne of Glass. I’ve noticed this with a lot of prequels lately.

  14. Vivien says:

    I just finished Bridge by Jeri Smith-Ready. I liked it but I didn’t feel it added much to the series. Plus, I had read Bridge in the Enthralled anthology. Having already read Forever online somewhere, there just wasn’t enough new content.

  15. Vivien says:

    Just read Fearless , by Brigid Kemmerer. My, how I am really loving this series. It’s so great getting a full perspective of all the characters through each book/novella. You go from not understanding a character’s actions to fully understanding them with each new addition. Good stuff.

  16. Lea Krnjeta says:

    I just finished Winters passage and Summers crossing by Julie Kagawa and I fell in love with Iron fey series all over againg. I missed Meghan, Ash and Puck. Although I was Team Ash from the beggining, Puck is an awesome dude and in Summers crossing he is amazing. And please, sorry for the first 2 comments that repeat, they didnt show on the page so I guess I posted them too many times and I dont know how to delete them.

  17. Jennifer k says:

    For anyone who is reading the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver make sure you read the novella Raven. There is something key that happens in this novella that is not mentioned in Requiem (book 3). I usually try to read the novellas before reading the books. But I had read the other two Delirium novellas and while they were interesting they weren’t absolutely vital. So I had no idea that the Raven novella was Pandemonium but from Raven’s POV. Plus we learn some key things that are not mentioned in the final book. And that change a lot. I can’t believe that nobody told me to read this ebook!

  18. Taylor says:

    I just read Escaping Darkness by Theresa McClinton in the Stone Legacy series. I really liked that it showed more into Peter and Tara’s relationship because at first I felt like it was a little rushed. My absolute favorite thing was Malachi’s story, though, which I can’t say anything about for fear of ruining the whole story. I was trying to figure him out the entire time, and then it’s finally revealed near the end. His little video message to Tara in which he explains his situation was by far my favorite part of the novella.

  19. Vivien says:

    Finished with Destroy Me. I’m really going to have a hard time choosing a team on this one!! I was all Team Adam at first, but I had a strong feeling that would start to change. Though I haven’t abandoned ship, I may be spending more time on Team Warner 😀

  20. Vivien says:

    Just finished The First , by Jason Mott. This one really surprised me. Found it to be thought provoking. A great prequel because now I definitely want to read the book. (looks it up on netgalley) There will be a couple more novellas released over the next few months that I want to read as well.

  21. Vivien says:

    Just read The Lost Boy , by Karen Mahoney. I liked this prequel. I’ve already read books 1 & 2 so it was nice to add this layer to the story. Plus, it’s nice reading from a different pov.

  22. Vivien says:

    I just read Slipping , by Shandy L. Kurth. The premise is interesting but it never really fleshed out enough for me. It felt too short and I never made a connection to the characters. Considering the premise, I felt this was necessary. It was ok, but not enough for me.

  23. Vivien says:

    Just finished Fallen from Grace by Mary Jo Putney. I honestly only read this because I had already gotten the freebie from Amazon. I didn’t like the first book in the series and this novella didn’t work for me either. The research just wasn’t there. Not my cup of tea.

  24. Vivien says:

    Just read Cat Calls , by Cynthia Leitich Smith. While I like the series that this short story is set in, I only thought this was ok. It never really grabbed me. On the shorter side, there isn’t much. It was similar to her other novella Haunted Love with gave me the same reaction. Just ok.

  25. Vivien says:

    I actually ended up liking The Strange Case of Finley Jayne , by Kady Cross. While some of the twists were predictable it was a good prequel. The only thing keeping me from really liking it was that things just seemed to fit into place. But still and enjoyable novella.

  26. blackplume says:

    ooops… forgot to link one more review to the linky before it close. anyway, here’s my review for The Assassin and the Underworld by Sarah J. Maas


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