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Book Watch: Releasing This Week #122

Below are the YA books releasing this week that I am spotlighting for my “Book Watch: Releasing This Week” post.

These are books for the week of April 30th-May 6th that I have pre-ordered.


***Not a YA title***

Oath Bound

OATH BOUND by Rachel Vincent will be released in the U.S. on April 30, 2013 in paperback and eBook formats. It is currently available to pre-order online in both formats at AMAZON and in paperback format at BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by Harlequin MIRA, the print edition is 432 pages.

OATH BOUND is the third and final book in the Unbound series by author Rachel Vincent.


I am so excited for the release of OATH BOUND. I feel like I’ve waited for ages and ages to read Sera and Kris’ story. And I will be reading it the second my pre-order copy downloads to my Kindle.

As much as I would love this series to go on for a couple more books… at least… I can’t wait to see how everything wraps up for Liv and Cam, Kori and Ian. I’m curious to see just what happens to the Syndicates. And I’m super curious about what Skill Sera has.

And as difficult as it will be to say goodbye to yet another series by author Rachel Vincent, I can’t make myself wait to read it. I am such a huge fan of this series and its characters. I love the fact that with each book I get a different view of the world, get to meet new characters and learn about their different abilities. And I love that with each book the overarching plot moves just a little bit farther forward.

The wait has been torturous. Especially with the author’s Facebook comments throughout the writing process. But I am so glad to finally get the chance to dive into this last installment in this amazing series.

The Eternity Cure


THE ETERNITY CURE by Julie Kagawa will be released in the U.S. on April 30, 2013 in hardcover and eBook formats. It is currently available to pre-order online in both formats at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by Harlequin TEEN, the print edition is 448 pages.

THE ETERNITY CURE is the second book in author Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden series. No information is yet available about the third book in the series.


I may be a new fan of this series, but I am officially an obsessed fan. And I am so unbelievably excited for THE ETERNITY CURE’s release this week. Because that means that the next book in this series is that much closer to its release date.

I got the chance to read THE ETERNITY CURE just a little bit early thanks to the publisher and NetGalley and I thought it was totally amazing. (My Review.) I loved the first book in the series but this sequel was seriously epic. And now I am dying to continue the story and find out just what happens after that killer ending.

The world was even darker in this sequel. The threats were even more deadly. And the love story was way more heartbreaking.

While I won’t be re-reading this book on release day, I do plan on re-reading it. And I’m so thrilled that the finished copy will be downloading to my Kindle this week and that it will join THE IMMORTAL RULES as part of my permanent collection.

Sweet Peril Cover


SWEET PERIL by Wendy Higgins will be released in the U.S. on April 30, 2013 in paperback, audio and eBook formats. It is currently available to pre-order online in all formats at AMAZON and in print and eBook formats at BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by HarperTeen, the print edition is 384 pages.

SWEET PERIL is the second book in Wendy Higgins’ The Sweet Trilogy. The third book in the series, SWEET RECKONING, is slated for release in June 2014.


I cannot believe that the release date for SWEET PERIL is finally almost here. I held off reading the early review copy I had for as long as possible because I know just how torturous the wait is for the next book’s release.

Well I read it. And it’s all sorts of awesome. And I desperately want to re-read it right this minute. Or when my finished copy downloads to my Kindle on Monday Midnight. Because I am definitely not ready to disconnect from the story and leave the world. And I am absolutely not ready to begin suffering the agonizingly long wait for the final book in this series.

As I will be posting my review in the next couple of days and I already spotlighted SWEET PERIL for my Book Watch post a few weeks ago, I won’t go on and on here. But I will just quickly say that this book was every bit as exciting as the first book in the series. There was just as much heat… okay, there was a lot more…. The suspense was killer. And the chemistry sizzled.

Yes, I am still swooning over Kaidan Rowe.

Life After Theft


LIFE AFTER THEFT by Aprilynne Pike will be released in the U.S. on April 30, 2013 in hardcover, audio and eBook formats. It is currently available to pre-order online in all formats at AMAZON and in hardcover and eBook formats at BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by HarperTeen, the print edition is 352 pages.


I am a huge fan of author Aprilynne Pike and when I heard about her standalone novel, LIFE AFTER THEFT, I just had to pre-order a copy. While I did receive an eARC for review, I didn’t get the chance to read it before release date, so I will be reading my finished copy instead.

But this book sounds like so much fun. I love modern retellings. And I am so very curious to see what the author did with The Scarlet Pimpernel in her novel.

I can’t wait to meet Jeff and Kimberlee and see just what her “unfinished business” is. And the fact that her haunting is dubbed snarky makes me that much more excited to read it.

While I won’t get the chance to add it to the pile this week or next, I will be reading it in May.

The Program


THE PROGRAM by Suzanne Young will be released in the U.S. on April 30, 2013 in hardcover and eBook formats. It is currently available to pre-order online in both formats at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by Simon Pulse, the print edition is 416 pages.

THE PROGRAM is the first book in a new series of the same name by author Suzanne Young.

I cannot believe I almost forgot to pre-order THE PROGRAM for my Kindle. I’d heard about this series months ago when it was making the rounds on the blogs and I thought it sounded awesome. But as it wasn’t yet available to pre-order in electronic format I had to wait.

Fortunately I didn’t miss its release and I cannot wait for it to download this week.

I’m so totally curious about this book. Sloane’s world sounds chilling. And the fact that The Program wipes people’s memories makes that solution to the suicide epidemic seem even more horrific than the problem.

A life where feelings have to be buried does not sound appealing. And the fact that Sloane and James are both beginning to suffer from depression makes their future seem bleak. Especially if they do have to enter The Program.

I definitely want to check this book out this week. Even if I don’t get the chance to move it to the top of the pile I just have to take a peek. And I hope to be able to read it in June if I can’t manage to sneak it in sooner.

Other Books of Note

The Ward

THE WARD (The Ward #1) by Jordana Frankel

Pub. Date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books



Our Song

OUR SONG by Jordanna Fraiberg

Pub. Date: May 2, 2013

Publisher: Razorbill



The Boyfriend App


Pub. Date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Balzer + Bray



Identity Theft


Pub. Date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Point



Defriended Alt

DEFRIENDED by Ruth Baron

Pub. Date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Point




BELONGING (Temptation #2) by Karen Ann Hopkins

Pub. Date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Harlequin Teen



The Loop

THE LOOP by Shandy Lawson

Pub. Date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion



The Last Academy

THE  LAST ACADEMY by Anne Applegate

Pub. Date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Point




GORGEOUS by Paul Rudnick

Pub. Date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Scholastic Press



Anthem for Jackson Dawes


Pub. Date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children’s



Nobody's Secret

NOBODY’S SECRET by Michaela MacColl

Pub. Date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Chronicle Books




There are a ton of books releasing this week, but at the moment I only have five books pre-ordered. I am so very tempted to order OUR SONG as it sounds totally awesome. And I’m still really curious about THE WARD. But for now I’m trying to show a little restraint and not impulse buy books that I won’t immediately get the chance to read.

Fortunately, even with five books pre-ordered, I won’t be adding too many books to the TBR pile since I’ve already read SWEET PERIL and THE ETERNITY CURE and I will be reading OATH BOUND when it releases. But as next week promises just as many new releases, if not more, and I haven’t read any of the books I have pre-ordered, it’s a good thing my reading pile gets a little bit of a respite this week.

Many of the books “of note” that I’ve listed are ones I hadn’t heard very much about. But those Point Horror books have piqued my curiosity so I’ll definitely have to stalk a few reviews to see if they’re books I should have in my collection.


I hope I haven’t missed any amazing titles releasing this week. And I hope that if you are a fan of Rachel Vincent’s Unbound series, you won’t have as tough a time saying goodbye as I know I will.

But if there are a few books I should have on my radar, feel free to let me know in the comments. I’m always up for learning about new “must read” and “must buy” books.

And I’d love to hear what books releasing this week are ones you just have to have.

As always, I would love to hear what you’re hoping to add to your collection this week!

And if you have any great suggestions of “must read” books to buy that are releasing this week, please let me know!

2 Responses to “Book Watch: Releasing This Week #122”

  1. Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to stop by today, due to my lack of self-control, but I just couldn’t resist seeing all the purdy’s! And I have to say that I am proud, I haven’t run out to buy any…..yet! I loved Eternity Cure, I am so glad that I requested that from Netgalley.

    And I just got approved for The Last Academy, can’t wait to get started. I think that those approvals could have a little something to do with why I am not running to Amazon as I type! But I better wrap this up fast or I probably will finger walk right over!

    There are so many awesome titles releasing. I want Sweet Peril so bad…..see my self-control is waining! Thanks but gotta run now! Thanks for the post Rachel!

    Rachel Vincent’s last Unbound book T_______T And I only just started reading the trilogy T_T

    And Wendy H. Sweet Peril, which I’m too excited for and will probably have to wait to tame down said excitement since if I were to get it I’d probably damage the book because of it…

    And I need to write my review :'(

    I hate being sick hate hate hate 🙁

    Hope you’re better 😀 <3333

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