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Rock the Drop: 4/12/12

When I was first asked if I’d like to ROCK THE DROP I had no idea it was to help spread the word about Teen Lit Day. Just the idea of dropping some awesome books in really cool places around the city sounded like a lot of fun, so of course I was in!

But when these amazing books and ARCs arrived and I learned that it was not just about sharing these super cool books with others, but to help support Teen Lit Day, I was even more stoked.

What a generous and super fun way to help with teen literacy!

And since the amazing team at HarperTeen was being so generous, I wanted to help out too. So, when I checked out the readergirlz blog and found their really cool button and a way to print a few bookplates, I ordered these four awesome books that I could drop around the city to show my support.

How to Participate

While I may have received a few extra titles that I will be dropping, if you have any YA books lying around that you’d like to drop in fun locations to share with others and help support Teen Lit Day, be sure to check out the readergirlz blog for details on how you can participate!

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But it’s pretty simple…

  1. Grab a book
  2. Print one of the bookplates to include in the book
  3. Drop it somewhere public – if it’s fun or interesting, even better!
  4. Take a pic! You can post it on the readergirlz Facebook page or Tweet it or both!
  5. Be sure to include the #rockthedrop hashtag with your Tweet!
  6. And if you’re a blogger and want to help spread the word even more, create a post!


Or if you just want to check out who’s rocking the drop and sharing their photos on Thursday, be sure to follow the #rockthedrop hashtag on Twitter or visit the readergirlz Facebook page.

4 Responses to “Rock the Drop: 4/12/12”

  1. This is such a cool idea 🙂

  2. *_________* people come with such fun ideas!!!!
    Sadly, in this alone thing I can participate out of all the other awesomeness, if I ever leave a book dropped somewhere here it will definitely not picked up but thrown away T__________T I was so excited when I started reading…BUT I think I’ll give away one book I have 2 copies of instead! XD hehehehehe
    Have Fun Rachel!!

  3. I was just talking to my mom-when I read this post first-about doing it and she told me “NOOO como vas a creer? Si alguien se encuentra algún libro tirado lo recogeria! Si los libros son caros…estoy pensando que eso voy a hacer, dicen que en Argentina eso hacen bastantes porque los libros son bien caros allá…”
    Oh Mami! I LOOOVE her…that basically means that some of these coming days she’ll pick up a random book of her own and leave it at a random spot! lol She’s just awesome that way! She completely loves the idea and just wishes that the books I read were in spanish so people near the building where we work would feel drawn to it! hehehe I guess loving english does have it’s advantages!

  4. Thank you all so much for supporting readergirlz and Rock the Drop! 🙂

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